Compound (A) with molecularformula C 3 H 7 NO, reacts with bromine in the presence of NaOHto give (B).Compound (B) reacts with HNO 2 To give ethylalcohol on warming with H 2 O and nitrogen.Identify (A)and(B).and write reactions...

Compound (A) with molecularformula C3H7NO, reacts with bromine in the presence of NaOHto give (B).Compound (B) reacts with HNO2 To give ethylalcohol on warming with H2O and nitrogen.Identify (A)and(B).and write reactions...


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Aman Bansal
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Dear Mani,

C2H5NH2 + HNO2 -> C2H5OH + H2O + N2 (Ethyl amine)

The Hofmann degradation is a reaction between an amide and a mixture of bromine and sodium hydroxide solution. Heat is needed.

The net effect of the reaction is a loss of the -CO- part of the amide group. You get a primary amine with one less carbon atom than the original amide had.

The general case would be (as a flow scheme):

If you started with ethanamide, you would get methylamine. The full equation for the reaction is:

The Hofmann degradation is used as a way of cutting a single carbon atom out of a chain.

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