Write down the Newmann projection formula of a - phenylpropionaldehyde?

Write down the Newmann projection formula of
a - phenylpropionaldehyde?

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8 years ago
Conformations are the different positions a molecule can bend into. Atoms and bonds remain the same on the molecule, the only variation is the angles in which certain parts of molecule are bent or twisted. Molecules have conformations with high strain as well as conformations with low strain. High strain conformations are when certain parts of the molecule that repel are forced to be close to one another. Molecules, therefore, want to have a low strain structure. Newman Projections are one way to look at the conformation of a noncyclical molecule.
There are two Newman Projections that are of primary concern. The one you drew above is the “staggered” conformation for the molecule. The other projection that is of primary concern is the “eclipsed” structure.
Because the carbons are linked by single bonds, the bond is able to freely rotate, allowing for various conformations to exist.
Visualization of molecules in three dimensions is essential for the study of organic chemistry. Molecular models play an important role in the teaching and understanding of three-dimensional structures. However, many times it is not possible to build molecular models either due to time constraints or due to the nonavailability of molecular modeling kits. Using our own hands in place of modeling kits has been shown to be an effective and viable alternative.

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