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Zuhaib Khan Grade: 11

Plz give important feature of inductive effect

9 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITIians Expert
21 Points

Important feature of Inductive Effect:

(i) It is a permanent effect in the molecule or ion.

(ii) The shared pair of electrons although permanently shifted towards more electronegative atom, yet remains in the same valence shell.

(iii) As a result of electron shifting, the more electronegative and acquires partial negative charge and the other acquires positive charge.

(iv) The inductive effect is not confined to the polarization of one bond but is transmitted along a chain of carbon atoms.

(v) Inductive effect brings changes in physical properties such as dipole moment , solubility etc.

(vi) Carbon hydrogen bond is taken as a standard of inductive effect. Zero effect is assumed for this bond.


9 years ago
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