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sudarshan gupta Grade: Upto college level
        What is the hybridisation of chlorine in chlorobenzene.If it is sp3 then it means compound is not planar then how can it be aromatic.Moreover if it is sp3 then the lone pair is not in the plane of the ring so there must not be any resonance.
8 years ago

Answers : (2) chandra sekhar
10 Points

Hi Sudarshan Gupta,

Cl hybridisation is sp3.

But the Cl doesnt involve in resonance. The 6 carbon atoms will be in one plane and 6∏ electrons will involve in resonance but not the electrons of Cl. So, it is not in consideration whether Cl lone pairs are in plane are not as they are not involving in resonance...

8 years ago
Shauvik Bhattacharya
34 Points
Actually the Cl atom in cholorobenzene undergo “mixed hybridisation”. The hybridisation is between sp2 and sp3. that is why resonance occurs between the pure p orbital of carbon atoms and pure p orbitals of chlorine atom. And at the same time all the atoms becomes planer...
2 years ago
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