general method of preparation of haloalkanes

general method of preparation of haloalkanes


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bhupesh banjare
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11 years ago

while almost haloalkanes are human produced..

general method is when alkanes react with free radical this rxn H atom is removed from alkane,,then replaced by a halogen atom by reaction with a diatomic halogen molecule.

Ashwin Sinha
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11 years ago

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11 years ago

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Making halogenoalkanes from alcohols using hydrogen halides

The general reaction looks like this:

Godfrey Classic Prince
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11 years ago

Dear akansha sawhney,

The General Method by which you prepare a Haloalkane is from an Alcohol !!

Alcohols on tratment with Sulphonyl Chloride[SOCl2](most preferrable) gives haloalkanes !

CH3CH2OH + SOCl2 ---------->  CH3CH2Cl + SO2 + HCl

The Separation of the Haloalkane & Hydrogen chloride & Sulpher di-oxide are easier because SOCl2 & HCl are volaitle !!

Thus this is the generally eaier way to prepare Haloalkanes !!


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sn sharma
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11 years ago

Sorry to say that,SOCl2 is not most preferred reagent.Oxalyl chloride is the best reagent.

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