what is the use of 'cao' in decarboxylation reaction?

what is the use of 'cao' in decarboxylation reaction?


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Aman Bansal
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12 years ago

Dear Praneeth,

odium salts of corboxylic acids on heating with soda lime (mixture of sodium hydroxide and calcium oxide) give

alkanes containing one carbon atom less than the corboxylic acid.This process of elimanation of carbon dioxide

from corboxylic acid is known as decorboxylation.

CH3 COO-Na+ +NaOH ---------------------> CH4 +Na2 CO3

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Yuvika Saini
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7 years ago
1 . CaO permits the reaction to be carried out at a relatively higher temperature to ensure complete decarboxylation 2 . CaO keeps NaOH dry because it is quite hygroscopic in nature
Rushda Rashid Buddannavar
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one year ago
It absorbs the Moisture of NaOH during the Reaction and keeps it dry .., So that effeciency of NaOH will increase and it can further proceed the reaction in a maximum effeciency..

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