why gem-dihalides are named as alkylidene halides?

why gem-dihalides are named as alkylidene halides?



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Sanjeev Malik IIT BHU
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13 years ago

(a)   Gem dihalides :

     (i)    The term gem has derived from geminal meaning for same position.

     (ii)   The two similar halogen atoms are attached to same carbon atom e.g.

             CH3CHX2           ethylidene dihalide or 1, 1-dihaloehtane

            CH3CH2CHX2       propylidene dihalide or 1, 1-dihalopropane

                   isopropylidene dihalide or 2, 2-dihalopropane


actually it is just a process of naming them. there is no thing like reason for this nomenclature.

just that hallide is given prefernce and alkyl group acting as attached group...and dene showing double bonding,



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5 years ago
Because halogey atoms are attached with only one carbon .
    Common name: Ethylidine Chloride
    IUPAC nane: 1,1-dichloro ethane

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