Does phenol shows tautomerism......????????? Reply soon. Thank you

Does phenol shows tautomerism......?????????

Reply soon.

Thank you


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12 years ago

yes it does...


see the image which is attached


or this page

Sanjeev Malik IIT BHU
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12 years ago

yes, definately it shows tautomerism.

Ritvik Gautam
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12 years ago

Since there is a presence of an α hydrogen atom, hence phenol shows tautomerism.

abhi cool
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12 years ago


but In AIEEE 2011, it has been given that phenol does not shows tautomerism.

Please refer Q no 19(set P)

Answer by many coaching instiitutes says it does'nt.

There are two correct options.


Atul Saswat
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6 years ago
No it wont .
Though it is very easy to draw it out , it does not necessarily mean it happens practically.
The above link explains it fully 
Bottomline: loss of aromaticity makes it impractical. 
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6 years ago
It shows tautomerism but the equilibrium between keto form and enol((phenol here)) remains mainly towards phenol side
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6 years ago
Yes phenol show tautomerism draw the keto form of phenol then you can easily so it has alpha hydrogen.Please if you like answer then approve answer

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