why tertiary alkyl halides does not undergo wurtz reaction?

why tertiary alkyl halides does not undergo wurtz reaction?


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Wurtz Reaction

The Wurtz Coupling is one of the oldest organic reactions, and produces the simple dimer derived from two equivalents of alkyl halide. The intramolecular version of the reaction has also found application in the preparation of strained ring compounds:

Using two different alkyl halides will lead to an approximately statistical mixture of products. A more selective unsymmetric modification is possible if starting materials have different rates of reactivity

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13 years ago

wurtz reaction follow SN2 path in aqueous medium ...this reaction is an example of sustitution reaction....

whenever reaction follows SN2 path then  order of reactivitie is

1o > 2o> 3o 

3o alkyl halide reacts gives elimination product instead of substitution so these are not

capable to give wurtz reaction...


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