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1 Answers

vikas askiitian expert
509 Points
10 years ago

all the double bonds are alternate to each other so numbering will be decided on the basis of substituent attached to the chain....

numbering should be done in such a way that substituent gets minimum number...

so the naming will start  from the left side of chain...

at 2-3 ,4-5 & 6-7 numbered carbon there is geometrical isomerism because of double bonds ...

four different groups are attached to every pair of doubly bonded carbon atoms so here instead of cis, trans we  call  E,Z isomerism...

E isomer means the bulky groups are attached apposite to each other and Z means bulky groups are on same side..

at position 2, bulky groups are on opposite side so its name is 2E , at position 6 bulky groups are on same side so its name 6Z ,

but at position 4 due to more preference of cl it is bulky group in this case so its name will be 4E...

so the name of compound is combination of all these


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