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Explain Toutomerism in Alkyl cyanides

Explain Toutomerism in Alkyl cyanides



2 Answers

abhishek mishra
18 Points
11 years ago

tautomerism in alkyl cyanide makes it ..imine

Prudhvi teja
83 Points
11 years ago

Dear Hemanth


This is a special case of functional isomerism. Certain substances can

exhibit properties of two functional groups as for instance, acetoacetic ester behaves like a ketone as well as an alcohol. This arises due to the migration of a labile hydrogen atom from one place to another.In acetoacetic ester, the inter-conversion between keto and enolic group takes place as follows.


inter-conversion between keto and enolic group


In amides, it happens as follows:


keto-enol tautomerisn in amides


Both these forms of the same molecule exist in equilibrium in a sample of compound. The migration of a labile hydrogen between two polyvalent atoms in the same molecule causes this type of dynamic isomerism. This is termed as tautomerism or keto-enol tautomerisn. Such isomers are termed as tautomers.


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All the best.

Askiitians Experts
Prudhvi Teja


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