Uses of Dioxygen

Uses of Dioxygen


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Uses of Dioxygen

(i)                  Dioxygen is used in the oxy-hydrogen or oxy-acetylene torches which are used for welding and cutting of metals.


(ii)                 It is used in metallurgical processors to remove the impurities of metals and non-metals by oxidation. It is also used in making steel and in metal fabrication where it functions as an acid to combination.


(iii)                It is essential for life support systems in hospitals and in underwater during and also by mountaineers and pilots at high altitudes. It is also used for artificial respiration in case of surgery, heart ailments and also by mountaineers and pilots at high altitudes.


(iv)               Liquid oxygen is used as a rocket fuel.


(v)                 It is used in the manufacture of large number of oxygen containing organic compounds such as phenol, ethylene oxide, sulphur dioxide, sulphuric acid, etc.


(vi)               It is used as an oxidizing agent and bleaching agent.


(vii)              A mixture of carbon dust and liquid oxygen is used as explosive for coal mining.


(viii)             Oxygen-18 isotope is used as a tracer in the study of reaction mechanisms.


(ix)               It is used on a large scale for the production of TiO2 and synthesis gas.

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