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Extraction of Non Metallic Elements

Extraction of Non Metallic Elements


4 Answers

Sachin Tyagi
31 Points
12 years ago

Extraction of Non Metallic Elements:- non metallic elements are extracted from their combined states by oxidation. For example, halogens such as chlorine can be obtained by the oxidation of Cl-ions in water.

However, the oxidation of Cl-ions cannot be carried out by ordinary chemical methods. The oxidation of Cl- can be done by electrolysis. The minimum potential difference required for electrolysis process is 2.2 V. similarly; fluorine can be extracted by electrolysis.

Elements like oxygen, nitrogen and noble gases are present in air and can be isolated from it. Carbon, sulphur and phosphorus are extracted either from their native ores or by the oxidation from their compounds occurring in nature. However, there are no general methods of extraction of non metals and these are considered individually in different units.

17 Points
one month ago
Extraction of Non-Metals: Hydrogen and helium are estimated to make up approximately 99 per cent of all ordinary matter in the universe. Less than five per cent of the Universe is believed to be made of ordinary matter, represented by stars, planets and living beings. The balance is made of dark energy and dark matter, both of which are poorly understood at present.
Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and constitute the great bulk of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, crust, and biosphere; the remaining nonmetals have abundances of 0.5 per cent or less. In comparison, 35 per cent of the crust is made up of the metals sodium, magnesium, aluminium, potassium and iron; together with a metalloid, silicon. All other metals and metalloids have abundances within the crust, oceans or biosphere of 0.2 per cent or less.
17 Points
one month ago
there is not as such any particular methods for extraction of non metals as there are for metals but mostly oxidation of non metals is carried out for their extraction and some are also obtained as byproducts of metal extraction.
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one month ago
Hello guys, yes that every metal will be extracted from their ores except few native metals such as gold,silver,platinum.remaining all the metals weather they may be ferrous or non ferrous will be in the combined form with some silicate or sulphides. Here are some ores of non ferrous metals
Aluminum - bauxite ,
Lead- galena
Copper - covellite
Thank you guys
Hope you are satisfied with my answer

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