sir which are the most scoring topic in iit jee and from when we should start our iit perperation and i want to ask that can i start my self study and cohching from 9

sir which are the most scoring topic in iit jee and from when we should start our iit perperation and i want to ask that can i start my self study and cohching from 9


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askIITians Faculty 56 Points
3 years ago
Dear student,
Every subject contain some important topics.
For maths - vector, application of derivatives,conic section, probability,definite integration
For phyics- Modern physics, thermodynamics, rigid body dynamics , electrostatics, electromagnetism
For chemistry- chemical bonding, coordination chemistry, chemical equilibrium, d and f blocks, alcohol phenol and ethers, stereochemistry
Yes you can surely start coaching with 9th. You can join with us for jee preparation along with boards.
Thank you
Vikas TU
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3 years ago

Mental preparation starts now. Start developing skills for complex and hard problems, develop speed and accuracy, get a syllabus of JEE amd look at it carefully. Start giving PCM importance, and put other subjects aside, they’re useless. Join good foundation, I’ll say give Fitjee entrance test and get into it and work hard+smart.

  • Dont give a damm to negative people who will say to focus on 9th finals, then 10th board, these people were losers so they dont want to see anyone’s success.
  • 9th NCERT is very easy, Physics and Chemistry can be completed within a week. For Maths, refer RD Sharma. And clear all your basics of PCM by now. Start with basics and solve more hard problems, and slowly you’ll increase your speed. Dont look at solutions, first try yourself, if still unable to solve, then look to solutions as hint, dont copy them, rather try to solve own. That develops your mind for JEE level, and Engineer level.
  • Try to cover 10th school syllabus in 9th itself, yes you have to speed up. Dont think I will do this later. Competition is very high, so you must be BEST.
  • Say no to tuitions of CBSE level. You can do it yourself. Just study 1 week and you’ll understand everything. Only give importance to Fitjee or foundation coaching - PCM. Subjects like Hindi, English, Computer, Social Science must be completed as early during vacations as they are a headache.


Physics: Foundation Physics HC Verma

Chemistry: Schand or Foundation by bharti bhavan

Biology:Foundation by bharti bhawan

Maths:RD sharma 9th

If you do these you can solve NCERt without any help. Ncert is meant for teachers actually. Now you have excellent base of 9th. You will rock 9th exams easily of cbse. Cover up these during summr vacations itself or atleast 1st term must be completed before summer vacation and 2nd term during summer vacation. Then you have plently of time for revision and hard questions.

Class 10th reference books: must be solved within 9th.

Same books like RD sharma 10, hc verma 10, foundation etc and 10th base will be solid. When you reach 10th you will buy ncert, first revise these referwnce boks then do 10th ncert .. now 10th can be cleared before summer vacations. You have many months left for 10th biards and can enjoy. See you are ahead and in competition so you must do everything better and early.

Now as in 10th if you are cbse you need to devote time to all subjects, but scuence and maths is done, so others also can be done. Just keep scoring top marks throughout so you grt a1 otherwise grades collapse.

Trust me if you clear your 10th in 9th itself, you’ll be confident about 10th. In 10th, just buy RD sharma of class 11, and solve it. Dont waste a time. Buy SL arora for physics 11, and complete them in 10th. Now when you enter class 11, jlin any good coaching either in kota or fitjee but give scholarship test, and your 11th maths and phydics base will be clear, for chemistry dont worry, ncert will do job in 11th.

Some people say its time to play. But if you work hard now upto class 12 and jee advanced exam, you will have fun. But those who have fun now will have to work hard and drop 1 year. They’ll regret later. And JEE toppers or top 100 are preparing from class 7th and 8th itself. So 9th is The best time.

But 9th,10th, 11th, 12th, these years shape your career. Use maximum time for studies. Yes you can enjoy with friends tok as it refreshes find.

All the best.

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