I am studying in 11th class Which books should I prefer for iit

I am studying in 11th class Which books should I prefer for iit


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Higher Algebra byHall and Knightfor Algebra
Textbook of Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE byA. Majeedfor Co-ordinate geometry
Problems in Calculus of One Variable byI. A. Maronfor Calculus
Calculus and Analytic Geometry byThomas and Finneyfor Calculus
Vector Algebraby Shanti Narayan
A textbook of Matricesby Shanti Narayan
[practice] Course in Mathematics for IIT-JEE by Tata McGraw Hill publications.
[practice] Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics byA Das Gupta
[practice]Trignometryby S L Loney


University Physics byFreedman and Young
Fundamentals of Physics byHalliday, Resnick and Walker
[practice] Physics for IIT-JEE series byB. M. Sharma.
Disclaimer: I was taught Physics by the author. I have not gone through these books but I am basing this recommendation on the assumption that these would be similar to the questions found in the reading material provided to me as a student.
[practice] Concepts of Physics byH. C. Verma
[practice] Problems in General Physics byI. E. Irodov
This is generally of a level above the general questions asked currently in IIT-JEE and may be considered optional.


University Chemistry byBruce Mahanfor Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry byMorrison and Boydfor Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry bySolomons and Fryhlefor Organic Chemistry
A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry byPeter Sykesfor Organic Chemistry.
This book must be read irrespective of whether you read 2 or 3. But it is suggested that you read this book only after you have covered all or atleast a large part of your organic chemistry syllabus.
Concise Inorganic Chemistry byJ. D. Leefor Inorganic Chemistry
[practice] Modern Approach to Chemical Calculationsby RC Mukherjee
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4 years ago
PhysicsDC pandeyHC VermaChemistryOp tandonRC mukherjeeMaths CengageRD SharmaOrganic Chemistry byMorrison and Boydfor Organic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry bySolomons

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