i am a 10th class is easy to learn iit.

i am a 10th class is easy to learn iit.


4 Answers

pratiksha agarwal
46 Points
11 years ago

it depends on practice if you practice very much then it can be easy for you otherwise not

iit questions are only based on concepts but twisted a little bit to confuse so it needs a lot of practice

anurag hundal
21 Points
11 years ago

The secret is simple....but difficult to follow...

practice everyday!

that''s it!

take no days off!!

somy chaturvedi
10 Points
11 years ago

preparing for iit is never easy but u will enjoy while for it as the topics it covers are very interesting.

Pratibha Rani
39 Points
10 years ago

yes, u just need to work hard

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