please give maximum marking lessons in chemistry and maths

please give maximum marking lessons in   chemistry and maths


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Godfrey Classic Prince
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11 years ago

Dear kuvi kuval,

These are the most scoring topics in IIT-JEE ...


Solid state , Electrochemistry , Thermodynamics,Soultions, Organic in whole is important (Practice as much as possible) Chemical bonding ,Atomic Structure, P block elements ,  D and F block elements and Co-ordination chemistry are likely the scoring topics according to me in Chemistry !


Vectors,3-dimensional geometry(Takes nothing out of you),Matrixes & Determinants,Integration especially definite integration(if you do it seriously),Complex Numbers(really simple),Probability(simple again),Circles,Parabola ....these are the easy topics according to me in Mathematics !


Hope this helped you dear...

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