Most scoring topics for physics in iit jee??

Most scoring topics for physics in iit jee??


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Gaurav Sharma
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14 years ago
According to me the most scoring topics in physics listed below Atomic Nucleus, Half life, Fission and fusion, Photoelectric effect, Bohr’s model of atoms, Moseley’s Law, de-Broglie wavelength, Kinematics, Newton’s Law, System of particles, Gravitation, Rotation, S.H.M., Hooke’s Law; Young’s modulus, Fluid mechanics
Prashant Sahay
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14 years ago
Field, Capacitors - Electrostatics, Relative velocity, projectiles – Kinematics, Vernier calipers & Searls apparatus – Measurements, Heat transfer, Newton’s law of cooling – Thermal Physics, Surface tension, Viscosity – Properties, Resonance column, Organ pipes – Waves Kirchoff’s Laws – Electric Current, Magnetic field due to current & Torque – Magnetism, Photoelectric Effect, X -rays – Modern Physics, AC circuit – EMI, AC, Young’s double slit experiment – optics
sai suman
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13 years ago

in physics this year the paper is frm iit madras so they concentrate on mechanics(mainly rotation) ,modern physics.

my lectuerer said that these were the most favourite topics of iit madras

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