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i m unsatisfied with this behaviour becaz i had paid u extra charges for english dear expert what u have done u... Asked by Keshav Kr 2 days, 22 hours ago Subject:English 1 Answer its a urgent plz answer my ques fast faculty i m unable to solve this plz hlp me as soon as possible 1-at t=o a sample is placed in a reactor an unstable nuclide is produced at a const rate R in the sample by neutron absorption the nuclide beta- decays with half life tau find the time reqd to produce 80% of the equilibrium quantity of this unstable nuclide 2- a meson of negligible vel decays to muon and a neutrino find the KE that the muon move 3- a nucleus of mass M+deltam is at rest and decays into 2 daughter nuclei of equal massM/2 EACH find speed of daughter nuclei and B.E /nucleon for parents- e1 for daughter nuclei e2 find relation b/w e1 and e2


Asked by Keshav Kr 2 days, 22 hours ago Subject:English 1 Answer




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