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The hottest planet of solar system is (a)Mars (b)Mercury (c)venus (d)pluto

The hottest planet of solar system is






3 Answers

Amit Saxena
35 Points
7 years ago


The hottest planet of solar system is one which is nearest to sun and has no atmosphere

Deepak sharma
11 Points
3 years ago
(c) VenusMercury is closest to the sun, this is true. However, because of its proximity to the sun it lacks an atmosphere. Mercury`s gaseous molecules reached escape velocity long ago and the atmosphere was `burned off` leaving a vacant wasteland of rock with a similar surface to the earth`s moon. There is nothing to hold in solar radiation, thus is flies out into space. Venus Venus is a different story. Its atmosphere is primarily composed of carbon dioxide - the primary green house gas -, which acts like a one-way door. The solar heat enters, but it cannot leave. Thus, an oven is created. This is why Venus is the hottest planet of our solar system
142 Points
3 years ago
C )venus

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