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shafiq khan Grade: 12th pass
You throw an ice cube with velocity v into a hot gravity free evacuated space.The cube gradually melts into liquid water and then boil to water vapours. (a) is it a system of particles all the times? (b) if so , is it the same system of particles? Does the motion of the centre of mass undergo any abrupt changes ? (d) does the total momentum change?
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Vikas TU
6872 Points
Reason behind the melting of the cube gradually and then turns into water vapours is:
that due to the Thermal energy of heat and from the Law of thermodynamics and thermochemistry the net enthalpy enrgy change required for the ice o get melted to liquid has met all the conditions from the hot gravity free evacuated space.
So the system of particles do have roe but not fullly.
one year ago
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