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Two vectors of magnitudes a and b make an angle e with each other when placed tail to tail. Prove, by taking components along two perpendicular axes, that the magnitude of their sum is

Two vectors  of magnitudes   a and b make  an angle  e with each other  when  placed  tail  to  tail.  Prove,  by  taking  components along  two perpendicular   axes,  that the magnitude   of their  sum is


2 Answers

Aditi Chauhan
askIITians Faculty 396 Points
6 years ago
236-433_1.PNG 236-1697_1.PNG 236-1236_1.PNG
Elham Oumer
26 Points
2 months ago
Two vectors A and B ( of length A and B, respective) make an angle teta with each other when they are placed tail to tail see figure. a) by taking components along two perpendicular axes, prove that the length of there vector sum R-A+B is R=√A square +B square +2AB cos teta. B) for the difference c square =A square -B square, where C is the length of the third side of a triangle formed from connecting the head of B to the head of A fig2.(b). Use same approach to prove that : C√A square +B square -2ABcos teta. Tell me the answer with explanation

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