Question is in the photo plz help ??

Question is in the photo plz help ??

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Sandeep Pathak
askIITians Faculty 25 Points
8 years ago
After collision, let’s assume that the linear velocity of combined system be v and let the angular velocity of the system about rod’scenter be\omega.
By conservation of linear momentum, we get
mv_0 = 3mv\Rightarrow v = \frac{v_0}{3}
Now conserving angular momentum about the center of the rod, we get
b)mv_0\frac{L}{2}=3\times m\left(\frac{L}{2} \right )^2\omega\Rightarrow \omega = \frac{2v_0}{3L}
a) Velocity of A immediately after collision is
v_A = v-\omega\times\frac{L}{2}=0
v_B = v+\omega\times\frac{L}{2}=\frac{2v_0}{3}
c) Since there is no external force on the rod, the linear velocity of the rod will remain constant. Velocities of various points on rod will definitely change with time.

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