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Question is based on cross product. it is attached.

Question is based on cross product. it is attached.

Question Image

3 Answers

dipika kumari Sahoo
17 Points
4 years ago
while writing in vector form you will see it has FsSin@ (where @=theta angle). so while using i vector or j vector or k vector the whole sign changes so -that is the significance of writing in that form .
Naveen Shankar
31 Points
4 years ago
no the question is how do we know, for example calculate torque. F=2i+3j and r=4i. so is it F cross r or r cross F and how do we decide which is correct. According to the question they used F x r so how do we know this for other examples.
Manas Shukla
102 Points
4 years ago
Torque is always r x F and never F x r . If the answer in your book is given for F x r then it is wrong.
The example u gave torque should be -12k

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