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Grade: 11
A projectile is projected on a smooth inclined plane in direction perpendicular to line of greatest slope with a velocity of 8m/s Find its speed after 1s
8 months ago

Answers : (2)

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Instantaneous magnitude of velocity is speed thus for speed to be constant implement magnitude of instantaneous velocity remains constant so direction can change for velocity to be changing
8 months ago
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Initial speed of the projectile (ball) u = 8 m/s
Let the inclined plane make an angle α with the horizontal. The component of g along the plane is
- g sin 
α and perpendicular to the plane is g cos α. 

Let the ball be projected in the direction perpendicular to the line of greatest slope (i.e. the slope of the inclined plane itself). So The angle of projection θ can be taken as 0. 

Now the equations for the horizontal and vertical components of the velocity after time t are given by

vx = u cos θ - g sin α x t
vy = u sin θ  +  g cos α x t

Velocity after time t = (vx2 + vy2)½

If the angle of inclination α is known we can find v.
8 months ago
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