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Grade: 12th pass
a police man is running towards a Thief with a constant acceleration of 0.1m/s2 . at a particular instant t=0, the policeman is 20 m behind the thief and at that velocity of policeman is 4 m/s. At this instant the thief observes the policeman coming towards him. So he starts running away from the policemen in the same direction with a constant acceleration. Then
   (i)What is the minimum constant acceleration with which the thief should run so that he is not caught?
(a)0.2 m/s2 (b)0.4 m/s(c)0.5 m/s2 (d)0.8 m/s2
​   ​(ii)if the thief runs with an acceleration 20% more than the minimum calculated above, then how close to the thiief can the policeman get?
(a)2m (b)4m (c)6m(d)8m
  (iii)if the thief runs with an acceleration as considered in the previous question, then how far from the thief is the policeman when the rate at which the policeman approaches the thief is maximum?
(a)20m (b)8m (c)12m (d)16m
2 years ago

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2 years ago
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