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sohan singh singh
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12 years ago
sir if no tangential friction is there then how it possible that it rolls without slipping
Badiuddin askIITians.ismu Expert
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12 years ago

Dear Amrit pal

you must be carefull of statement that is given in the question.

accroding to the question two angular velocity is given to the cone by external source . one is angular velocity of w about its own axix.

and other is angular velocity through which axix of cone is rorating about a axox passes through the vertex of the cone.

these angular velocities is given such that at the contact point has no velocity.

it means there is no slipping.




let consider a point P

 w1x -wy =0

so in question it is also maintion that angular velocity is constant so there will be no torqe and thus no friction in tangential direction.

conddition of no sliping is that velocity of contact point should be zero. (presence of friction is not necessary)

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