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Aman Thakur Grade: 9
        A technologist suspects that the truss design shown below in figure 1.1 is unstable and indeterminate. Please answer the following:

a) State and apply a simple formula to determine if the structure is determinate, comment on your findings (approximately 75 words)
b) Using methods of joints, check for stability of the structure (Hint! review the reactions and forces in the members near and at the supports on the left hand side of the truss)
c) Based on your calculations above, comment on your findings also stating whether or not the current design is stable (approximately 75 words)
d) Suggest improvements to the current design such that the structure is determinate and stable (Hint! review the supports in current design, also add members to the current design such that the truss is stable and determinate. Due to material costs your new design must add only the minimum number of members
e) For the new design use method of joints to calculate forces in all members, it is important you state your starting point and the plan for solving the problem
f) Using method of sections check your results for any 3 (three) members in the middle of the truss (i.e. approx 7 feet from either end)
5 years ago

Answers : (1)

Aman Thakur
18 Points

this is the diagram for above question.

5 years ago
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