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Grade: 11
        An intercontinental ballistic missile is fired for maximum range at your city from a place in an enemy's country at a distance of 5000 km from your city.if the missile is detected at its half way point,

a)the warning time you would get.
b) velocity of the missile when detected.
c) its maximum height.
d) velocity with which it will strike the target.
10 years ago

Answers : (1)

Hacked AASHISH AMBER HACKED askiitian expert - IITG
40 Points

since R is max, so angle =pi/4


and so, u^2/g=5000


calculate u,


(a)Total time of flight =2usin 45 /g

     but here, half time gone, so time of warning =u sin 45/g

(b)also, height is max at mid pt, where velocity=ucos 45

(c)i hope u can calculate max height by formula...

(d)does it need to b solved nw?

10 years ago
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