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Shivam Bhagat Grade: 9

A cricketer hits a ball with a velocity 25 m/s at 60° above the horizontal. How far above the ground it passed over a fielder 50 m from the bat (assume the ball is struck very close to the ground)

(a)    8.2m

(b)    9.0m

(c)    11.6m

(d)    12.7m

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

vikas askiitian expert
510 Points

horizontal component of velocity = Vx = Ucos@

            Ux = 25cos60=25/2 m/s

            Uy = 25sin60 = 25(3)1/2 /2

 it covers a distance of 50 m after time t        

since accleration along horizontal direction is 0 so

             V = d/t        

        25/2 = 50/t

            t = 4sec

now after 4 sec let the height attained by particle is H then

 H = Uyt - gt2/2

   = 25(3)1/2*4/2 - g*16/2

   = 50(3)1/2 - 80

   =6.6 m


u can get this result directly by using equation of trajectory ,

Y(height) = Xtan@[ 1- X/R ]               

R is horizontal range , X is horizontal distance from point of projection & @ is angle of projection


7 years ago
Black Widow
36 Points

y=xtanα-g*x2/2u2cos2 α

hence on solving you will get a as answer

7 years ago
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