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sanskriti singh Grade: 11
        the speed of a train increases at a constant rate (alpha) from zero to v and then remains constant for an interval and finally decreses to zero at a constant rate(beta).the total distance travelled by the train is L.the time taken to complete the journey is t.then t is minimum value when v equals to?
7 years ago

Answers : (4)

Priyansh Goel
21 Points

I feel question is asking for min. value of t, what is value of v?

Then ans is 0. Time will be min when body starts the motion i.e its initial velocity is asked.



Plz. do point out my error,if any.


Plz. approve my answer if it is right.


7 years ago
sanskriti singh
16 Points

sorry the answer isnt right.the right answer is root over 2L(ALPHA)(BETA) DIVIDED BY ALPHA+BETA. i need the explaination of the answer








7 years ago
13 Points
sorry both of you..but the answer is t=L/v+y/2(1/alpha+1/beta)
2 years ago
Lord of Galaxy
11 Points
Sorry kala Chand Maiti, but you have not understood the question.
He is not asking for the time taken, but the velocity v that corresponds to the least time.
2 years ago
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