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sir,i got 74 marks in mains and 93% in ipe can i get admission into NIT institutes?

sir,i got 74 marks in mains and 93% in ipe can i get admission into NIT institutes?


3 Answers

3783 Points
5 years ago
if you are a general category student you cannot get admission
if you belong to obc or sc or st category  you can get admission in a nit
thanks and approve my answer
regards sahil
Umakant biswal
5359 Points
5 years ago
@ rajesh 
in this case mentioning a catagory is must important . if u are from SC/ST catagory then only u can get nit college . 
but if from general , then u are not elligible for cutoff , so, cannot , in obc u can elligible , but that might not give u a nit and the branch u want . 
so, getting nit is very difficult in obc with this score .. 
Aneesh Sehgal
955 Points
4 years ago
Not much chances are there as long as you belong to a general category, may be your category, if any, helps you. Otherwise , you may go for seeking admission in one of the leading private institutions where you may get an equivalent treatment so far as educational practices and placements are concerned. Some names may be cited here – BHU, Varanasi,............................BITS, Pilani,........................Lovely Professional UNiversity, Phagwara,......................Christ University. etc.

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