I belong to SC category.I got 155 marks in JEE 2010...Any hopes??

I belong to SC category.I got 155 marks in JEE 2010...Any hopes??


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Askiitians Expert Himanshu Geed - IIT Delhi
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12 years ago

Dear Akshay,

155 marks in IIT JEE are very decent for this year. As the examination level of difficulty was about the same as of the previous year, the cutoff marks as well as opening and closing ranks will remain more or less the same.

So at 155 marks, you can expect a rank of 150 - 200 in SC category. So there is a very good hope that you'll get an IIT seat in a reasonably good branch.

Just wait for the results, your chances are quite fair.

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are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

All the best!!!


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Sid @ askiitian
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12 years ago


Considering your Category specification of SC 155 marks may fall under good rank.Hope for the best results, You can get your expected rank latest by tomorrow.

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