how to manage time,refer books

how to manage time,refer books


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Varun Harnathka
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10 years ago

Managing time is very important. You should make a time table for yourself and allot a particular aim everyday. Like, if you have an aim of finishing half chapter in Chemistry and in Physics, you have to do it by ignoring all the distractions. Strengthen your fundamentals first and then go for the advanced problems.

Some books I would suggest you to refer:

Physics: S.Chand(fund.), H.C Verma and Ravi raj Dudeja

Chemistry: S.Chand (fund.), Bahudur(adv.)

Maths: R.S agarwal(fund.), R.D Sharma (adv.)

Every month I would suggest you to solve the sample papers in magazines like Mathematics today, Chemistry today etc. to test your performance and pace.

Keep in mind these points and you wouldnt face many hurdles in your path towards success. 

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