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What are the applications of statically and dynamically induced emf?

What are the applications of statically and dynamically induced emf? 

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

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one year ago

1 Statically induced emf : when emf is induced in a conductor due to rate of change of flux magnitude linking with it, the emf induced in such manner is called statically induced emf. Note that nither field poles nor conductor is moving in space, both are in static condition. Example : emf induced in transformer windings due to time varying magnetic flux produced by alternating current.

2 Dynamically induced emf : when emf is induced in a conductor due to motion of conductor in static magnetic field ormotion of magnetic field linking with static conductor or motion of both conductor and magnetic field linking with it. Note that either conductor or field pole or both are moving in space. Example : emf induced in armature of dc generator, emf induced in armature of alternator with static armature.

Vikas TU
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one year ago
Dear student 
I would like to add about dynamic induced EMF 
Dynamically Induced EMF
We have learnt that when the flux linking with the coil or circuit changes, an emf is induced in the coil or circuit.
EMF can be induced by changing the flux linking in two ways:
By increasing or decreasing the magnitude of the current producing the linking flux. In this case, there is no motion of the conductor or of coil relative to the field and, therefore, emf induced in this way is known as statically induced
By moving a conductor in a uniform magnetic field and emf produced in this way is known as dynamically induced emf.
main applications are in
2.AC Dynamo
3.Electical Motor

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