What is the value of (-1) r n C r (1+r ln 10)/ (1+ ln (10 n )) r where n is a positivie integer???

What is the value of (-1)r nCr (1+r ln 10)/ (1+ ln (10n))r where n is a positivie integer???


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Jit Mitra
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10 years ago

do you mean the summation of this series ??


(-1)r nCr (1+r ln 10)/(1+ ln (10n))r


Denominator is constant. take it equal to k.

k = 1+ ln (10n)


(-1)r nCr (1+r ln 10)/kr

= (-1)r nCr*1/kr  + ln10 *(-1)r nCr r/kr                ..............(i)


Put summation.


Summation of (-1)r nCr*1/kr from r=0 to n = (1-1/k)n

Summation of (-1)r nCr/kr = -n/k * (1-1/k)n-1


[This can be evaluated by expanding (1-x)n then differentiating both sides wrt x, then multiplying both sides by x and putting x=1/k]


Putting the above values in equation (i),


(1-1/k)n + ln10 * (-n/k * (1-1/k)n-1)


= (n.ln10)n/kn - n.ln10.(n.ln 10)n-1/kn


= 0

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