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Grade: 12
which of the following pair of molecules have almost same bond dissociation energy?
a.HF and O2
b.N2 and CO
c.F2 and I2
d.F2 and H2
plz explain with reason
3 years ago

Answers : (2)

Vikas TU
10454 Points
To find the same dissocitaion energy if they would have same Bond Order.
B.O of O2 = 2
and for HF = 1
B.O for N2 = 3
and CO = 3
Henc ethey would have the similar dissociation energy.
3 years ago
Suraj Singh
148 Points
							Hy shubham..  The correct answer is F2 and I2 as HF and O2 have bond order difference due to which they have different bond dissociation...  While N2 and CO do not have bond dissociation energy as CO is less stable due to unfulfilment of octet..  And F2 and H2 are different as possible sigma bond and ss sigma bond is respectively formed in them and we pp has more bond dissociation energy...  Hope U like it..  U can further doubts..
3 years ago
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