what is the structure of XeOF6?

what is the structure of XeOF6?


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Sunil Kumar FP
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8 years ago
Structure of XeOF6 is pentagonal bipyramidal
angle 72 and 90 degree
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2 years ago
According to VSEPR thory, the structure of XeOF6 is distorted PBP (pentagonal bipyramid) since it contains seven BPs (actually σ bond pair) without any LP (lone pair). Unlike, linear (D∞h), triangular planar (D3h), tetradedral (Td) and octahedral (Oh) structures, all sites are not equivalent in TBP & PBP. Again, the situation is different in PBP arangement of electron pairs in comparison to that in TBP as the order of Axial-Equatorial bond angle repulsions become reverse. Expectedly, double bonded O atom (all terminal oxygen atom should be treated as double bonded) prefers less crowded axial position (90 vs 72 degree) in PBP and the structure (shape) becomes PBP with apical O atom (D5v)....Kausikisankar Pramanik@JU
According to Bent’s rule (basically based on the state of hybridization of the central atom) is an alternative but complementary approach of VSEPR, a typical stereocmemically active seven EPs (electron pair) molecule can be considered as a sp3d3 (more specifically spz + p2d3) hybridized system. Axial-equatorial preference can be nicely accounted by invoking the concept of Henry Albert Bent (atomic s character concentrates in hybrid atomic orbitals of the central atom directed toward electro-positive substituents), where apicophilicity (apical preference) of the less electropositive O atom can be justified....Kausikisankar Pramanik@JU

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