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Grade: 11
        What is mean by Reducing Power? And wjats the trend for it in periodic table.
3 years ago

Answers : (2)

Umakant biswal
5349 Points
dear soham
Reducing power is the ability of a chemical to reduce other substances, or the environment.
and reduce to other substances means addition of hydrogen and removal of oxygen and also gain of electron , 
the reducing power is increasing when going down the group 
reducing power has to deal with its reactivity, that is the ease at the atom to be oxidies to form cation. since going down the group, the size of atom increase, causing the attraction of the nucleus towards the valence electrons weaker, which accounts for higher reactivity

3 years ago
Sadia Rahman
13 Points
Reducing power is an ability of an element to reduce other element by losing its electrons which would be utilised by the other compound to get reduced...reducing power increases down the group as the attraction force decreases between atoms and the compund can lose electrons much easily .thus, the reducing power increases 
one year ago
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