what are the important consolations for hybridisation ?

what are the important consolations for hybridisation ?


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askIITians Faculty 652 Points
6 years ago
hey student..
see hyb is very useful..first it helps in the formation of more stroinger bonds . the bonds so formed are also of identical nature. also hyb helps in reducing the repulsions of bond pair and lone pair by involving the lone pairs in hyb ..
these are a few important consolation points. u can refer to the basics of hyb for more details
Naresh Kumar Sagar
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4 years ago
The important characteristic features of hybridisation are:
1.Orbitals on a single atom only would undergo hybridization.
2.The orbitals involved in hybridisation should not differ largely in their energies.
3.The number of hybrid orbitals formed is equal to the number of hybridising orbitals.
4.The hybrid orbitals form stronger directional bonds than the pure s, p, d atomic orbitals.
5.It is the orbitals that undergo hybridisation and not the electrons.
6.Concept of hybridisation is useful in explaining the shape of molecules.

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