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Radhika Batra Grade: 11
        The first ionization potential of nitrogen and oxygen atoms are related as follows

a. The ionization potential of oxygen is less than the ionization potential of nitrogen.
b. The ionization potential of nitrogen is greater than the ionization potential of oxygen.
c. The two ionization potential values are comparable.
d. The difference between the two ionization potential is too large.
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Deepak Patra
askIITians Faculty
474 Points
										Sol. (a) and (b) are infact the same statements and both are correct. N has slightly greater ionization energy than oxygen which is against periodic trend. This exception is due to completely half-filled (2p3) orbital in nitrogen that makes ionization slightly difficult than oxygen .
(c) Also correct : A1though N has greater first ionization potential than oxygen, two values of ionization potentials are comparable since they are adjacent in a  period, ie, electrons are removed from same orbit during ionization.
(d) Incorrect – opposite to (c).

3 years ago
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