The correct order of ionisation energy of F,F-,Cl,Cl- is? (please response)

The correct order of ionisation energy of  F,F-,Cl,Cl- is? (please response)

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Suyash mehta
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6 years ago
pooja its correct answer is f>cl>cl->f- this is becozz EA(electron enthalpy) of cl =IP(ionisation energy) of cl- and EA of f=IP of f- and as we know EA of cl>EA of f so therefore IP of cl->IP of f- and also cl+electron gives cl- +energy(GREATER), f +electron gives f- + energy(less)
Umakant biswal
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6 years ago
@ pooja 
the correct order should be 
F > Cl > Cl-  > F- 
this is beacuse the ionisation energy of the cations are always greater than that of the anions .. 
and also the electron gain enthalpy of cations are also larger than that of anions . 
so, u need to arrenge the cations with +ve charge first in descending order and then the anions with less negative charge first .. 
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5 years ago
F>Cl>Cl->F- this is correct answer order of ionisation energy bhhgccjhffhjb the you from Biharhere you so like look you from Biharhere I want you from Biharhere my Photo my best friend my best friend Anshu my dear friend Anshu you
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one year ago
Fluorine has its valence electrons in 2p orbital while chlorine has 3p so there is more atomic force of attraction in fluorine than chlorine, therefore, the ionisation potential of fluorine is more than chlorine. 

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