Strongest bond is (A) 1s-1s (B)2p-2p (C) 2s-2p (D) 2s-2s

Strongest bond is (A) 1s-1s (B)2p-2p (C) 2s-2p (D) 2s-2s


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Vikas TU
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7 years ago

Stongest bond is 2s – 2p as it contain one s orbital and another p orbital ,which are framed by covering and sharing of electrons. 2s orbital has a marginally bring down vitality than the 2p orbitals. That implies that the 2s orbital will load with electrons before the 2p orbitals. All the 2p orbitals have the very same vitality. 
Krishna agrawal
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3 years ago
  1. when the question is asking us for same period element just check directional nature of subshell for s directional nature is 33% as it;s sperical in shape and where as p has 100%directional nature.
  2. which means2p-2p>2s-2p>2s-2s
  3. and now for differnt period check shell number greater the shell number means more the distance and if distance is greater than attraction is less and if attraction is less than stability is less
  4. hence , therefore 1s-1s>2s-2s
  5. and the final order is 2p-2p > 2s-2p > 1s-1s > 2s-2s

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