Pb+2 is more reactive or pb+4??? Explain me about this

Pb+2 is more reactive or pb+4??? Explain me about this


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IHate Ppts
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5 years ago
Pb+4 is more reactive.
The reason is, the ion which has more oxidation state in magnitude is more willing to donate/take electrons thus making it more reactive than it in its less oxidation state.
Piyush Kumar Behera
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5 years ago
@IHate Ppts,I think your answer is right but the reason you provided is wrong.It is not because of what reason you stated.Pb+4  is highly unstable because of inert pair effect,this is because of the poor screening of f electrons and increased Zeff of the valence s orbital electrons.Hence Pb+2 is stable than Pb+4.So we can say that Pb+4 is more reactive than Pb+2.This is the formal of inert pair effect:
The inert pair effect is the tendency of the two electrons in the outermost atomic s orbital to remain unionized or unshared in compounds of post-transition metals. The term inert pair effect is often used in relation to the increasing stability of oxidation states that are two less than the group valency for the heavier elements of groups 131415 and 16

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