H2S is less acidic than H2Te.why?

H2S is less acidic than H2Te.why?

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Mukesh Sharma
askIITians Faculty 43 Points
9 years ago
H2S is less acidic than H2Te because as we move down the group,the bond dissociation enthalpy decreases i.e it becomes easy to dissociate or break the bonds(due to the increasing size down the group).So,with this concept in terms of hydrides,it becomes easy for H2Te to remove H easy as H+ because of its low bond dissociation enthalpy(as mentioned before).Therefore , H2Te is more acidic.
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Mukesh Sharma
askIITians Faculty
Bobby Rai
24 Points
6 years ago
As we move down group radius increase and ionisation enthalpy also decrease therefore its more acidic
Sayan Bhowmik
40 Points
6 years ago
In simple word, H2Te has less bond dissociation enthelpy than H2S. So less energy is required to brake the H-Te. So relesing of [H]+ is easier so the acidity is higher. Whereas h2s has high bond dissociation enthelpy to it is less acidic.

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