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Fecl3 is soluble in diethyl ether but Alcl3 is not why? Explain

Fecl3 is soluble in diethyl ether but Alcl3 is not why? Explain

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

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5 years ago
  1. Diethyl ether is considered to be a polar molecule that has partial negative and partial positive charges. The two different charges do not cancel each other out, but provide the molecule with distinct charges at different sections. As a result, it cannot dissolve ionic or non-polar molecules.
  2. AlCl3 readily accepts electrons from other atoms, in an attempt to get a full valence shell of eight electrons. That's why it generally behaves as a Lewis acid. In the reaction below, the Al atom accepts a lone pair of electrons from a Cl atom. This completes its octet and forms the AlCl-4 ion.
  3. As AlCl-4 is forming ion it is not soluble in diethyl ether! Same is not in case of FeCl3
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