expalin optical nisomerism and its types with neat and clean figure?

expalin optical nisomerism and its types with neat and clean figure?


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Sunil Kumar FP
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9 years ago
Stereomers are the compound having the same formula but they differ in configuration,the arrangement of atom in space.The two type of stereoisomer are:-
Optical isomers are named like this because of their effect on plane polarised light.
Simple substances which show optical isomerism exist as two isomers known as enantiomers.Enantiomers are mirror image of each other.if one rotate the plane polarised light towards right(DEXTROROTATORY) other will rotate the plane polarised light towards left(LAEVOROTATORY).
Other form of optical isomer is the diasteremer.These are not enantiomer and have different physical and chemical property.
below figure will explain enantiomer and diastereomer

204-1492_Sat Sep 27 19-25-05.jpg
Raheema Javed
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9 years ago
An enantiomer (optical isomer) is one of two stereoisomers that are mirror images of each other that are non-superposable (not identical), much as one's left and right hands are the same except for opposite orientation.Organic compounds that contain a chiral carbon usually have two non-superposable structures. These two structures are mirror images of each other and are, thus, commonly called enantiomorphs (enantio = opposite; morph = form), hence this structural property is now commonly referred to as enantiomerism.

Enantiomers have, when present in a symmetric environment, identical chemical and physical properties except for their ability to rotate plane-polarized light (+/−) by equal amounts but in opposite directions (although the polarized light can be considered an asymmetric medium). A mixture of equal parts of an optically active isomer and its enantiomer is termed racemic and has zero net rotation of plane-polarized light because the positive rotation of each (+) form is exactly counteracted by the negative rotation of a (−) one.


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