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Amanat Grade: 12th pass
An aqueous solution containing one mole of HgI base 2 and two moles of Nal is orange in colour. On addition of excess Nal the solution becomes colouress. The orange colour reappears on subsequent addition of NaOCI. Explain with equations.
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Kevin Nash
askIITians Faculty
332 Points

Sodium iodide on reaction with HgI base 2 gives colourless complex salt, Na base 2[HgI base 4]

HgI base 2 + 2NaI ? Na base 2[HgI base 4]

Colour is due to presence of residual HgI base 2

But on addition of excess NaI, it becomes colourless due to change of residual HgI base 2 into Na base 2[HgI base 4]

HgI base 2 + 2Nal (excess) ? Na base 2[HgI base 4] (colourless)

The orange colour of HgI base 2 reappears due to conversion of Na base 2[HgI base 4] into HgI base 2 by means of NaOCI

3Na base 2HgI base 4 + 2NaOCI + 2H base 2O ? 3HgI base 2 +2NaCI + 4NaOH +2NaI base 3

Orange colour

3 years ago
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