Chemical Nature of Oxygen

Chemical Nature of Oxygen


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Sachin Tyagi
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14 years ago

Chemical Nature of Oxygen:- Oxygen, the first member of 16th group differs n its chemical behavior from the others members of its group on account of its small size and high electronegativity. However, it resembles with nitrogen and fluorine, the adjacent member of group 16. Like nitrogen, oxygen, the first member of the group, inspite of its high electronegativity, its relativity inactive gas at room temperature. This is due to the fact that in oxygen molecule like N2 molecule P?-P? bonding occurs and the two oxygen atoms are linked together by a double bond wihich being stronger than the oxygen-oxygen single bond. However, combustion reactions are highly exothermic, once initiated, they proceed vigorously without application of heat. Like fluorine, it forms O2- ions easily and the chemistry of O2- and OH- is quite extensive. Fourthermore, oxygen is also capable of showing H- Bonding like nitrogen and fluorine.

Oxygen and sulphur are very reactive and in general the reactivity decreases down the group. Oxygen practically reacts with almost all the elements and its reactivity is slightly lesser than the reactivity of most reactive element fluorine of group 17.

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