importance of inorganic compounds

importance of inorganic compounds

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water and salt are some examples of inorganic compounds that we can use in our daily lives. because both of them do not have carbons. water=H2O. salt=NaCl or sodium chloride.

The use and significance of inorganic compounds had been invaluable to the medical field. With these compounds, drugs and apparatuses have been available for human benefit. Mercury for instance has been useful for treating various illnesses as well as a major component of some medical instruments. Copper on the other hand has been beneficial in treating ulcers, cancers and nervous disorders. Though known to be poisonous, early and current medical sources had identified inorganic arsenic compounds to be useful for medical purposes as well. While some inorganic drugs had been known to be toxic and harmful to health, the ability to develop alternatives has been promoted and enhanced. Hence, the role of inorganic compounds such as mercury, copper and arsenic in the health industry will in no doubt be developed in the years to come.


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